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Abhraneel Sen

Country: India
Studying: BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Abhraneel Sen


I am Abhraneel and I am currently doing my degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Having studied Electronics as a core subject in school, I knew that wanted to study an electronics-based subject at university because of how interesting I found the field and how much I enjoyed my lab sessions. I decided to choose Leeds University because of the worldwide reputation of the department I belong to and as a University itself. It was always a university I looked closer into during my application process. With one of the best student unions in the country, highly regarded staff in the field and a fantastic city to study in, it wasn’t hard to make my final decision.

The best aspect about my course is definitely working with some of our lecturers who have been working on the subject for years and sharing their knowledge with us. Also, the exposure we get in our labs. With a fair ratio of theory and practical work, it really does help us cement what we learn from the books and handouts.

My experience in University so far has been great. It’s never made me feel away from home. I think Leeds is a University perfectly crafted for students. It has a huge campus with thousands of students working during the day, ample number of clubs and pubs to blow off some steam during the weekends. There are a lot of nice restaurants, malls, museums - it has something for everybody. I couldn’t see myself going to university anywhere else.

In my spare time, I do enjoy going out with my friends, there are lots of places to go in Leeds. I also enjoy watching films, playing football for my department and getting some nice food from a number of restaurants in town. My favourite location in Leeds has to be Beaver Works, where you can experience some of the biggest grime, techno and hip-hop sounds that the UK has to offer. My occasional lunch on campus is always a sandwich from Bakery 164.

Last year, I lived in Devonshire Hall. It’s a student accommodation outside campus. This year, I’ve moved into a house with my friends which is a 15-20 walk to campus.