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Estella Opandoh

Country: Ghana
Studying: MSc in Mathematics and Computer Science

Estella Opandoh


I’m Estella and I’m studying Mathematics and Computer Science. I heard about the University of Leeds from an alumnus who happened to be a close friend and her enthusiasm about the facilities and the quality of teaching ignited my interest to continue my studies in this institution. Furthermore, I wanted to study modules that are tailored to my interest from multiple disciplines and the University offered me that opportunity.

The warmth and culture of both students and members of staff in the University give an aura of friendliness and empathy which is exceptional. I feel at home when I am at the University even though I am miles away from my home country. I enjoy the reception, love and care I feel from fellow students and staff in fact there is no dull moment.

The Student Union provides various opportunities for career advancement and building inter-personal relationships among students. The lecturers and members of staff are not left out as they are ever willing to help and it feels like everyone strives to contribute their quota in making the University one of the very best in the world.

I really enjoy my course because of the range of skills it offers, in particular the critical thinking skills. I have the opportunity of studying Statistics and DNA, Actuarial Science, computer science (scheduling, image analysis, algorithms) and the host of modules that stretch my thinking and analytical skills. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it thanks to excellent facilities and support from both academic and non-academic staff. In a nutshell, because of the multidisciplinary nature of the course, it broadens one’s career prospects.

There are various ways of relaxing away from your studies at Leeds. I like to hang out at the renowned Parkinson’s court and admire the art gallery on display. Leeds is an extremely student-friendly city and the city has one of the biggest student populations. There are lots of shops which offer students’ discount from a range of restaurants, beauty salons, gyms and shopping centres. It is very easy to move around as there are accessible trains, coaches and buses to get you to your destination. Also, the First Bus Group offers £1 single bus fares on all the main student routes, as well as term and monthly student tickets, for even bigger savings. There is never a dull moment as there is something for everyone be it religious or the abundant natural beauty that surrounds nightlife.

I live in a private residence very close to the University and it perfectly suits my preference. My flatmates are of different nationalities which makes it really interesting.