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Nikita Jiwan

Country: Canada
Studying: MChD/BChD Dentistry

Nikita Jiwan


My name is Nikita and I am from Canada. I came to the University of Leeds to study Dentistry. I inititally heard about the University of Leeds via a family friend in Canada.

Studying at the University of Leeds has been really refreshing. The single-site campus allows you to be involved in any number of societies at the Students Union and I’m loving my course. I’ve met some amazing people and it’s great to make the most out of the opportunities Leeds offers.

Dentistry allows you to undertake placements in and around Yorkshire and the course also offers you the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland. Additionally, the dental school has given me the opportunity to be employed as an EPR student champion and I am also a member of the women’s dentists and medics football team. In my spare time, I love playing sports, such as volleyball and swimming and being in Leeds is also great for outdoors activities like camping and hiking.

The University is so close to the city it’s fantastic. It takes just 10-15 minutes to walk to most places which makes everything really accessible. Hyde Park in particular is a great place in the summer to relax with friends and soak up the sun.

I currently live in a privately rented house with 5 people who I met in my first year in halls. It’s a great size and close to University.