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Ojoyi Ocheche

Country: Nigeria
Studying: BEng Petroleum Engineering

Ojoyi Ocheche


My name is Ojoyi but friends call me OJ for short which is also cool. I am in my third year studying Petroleum Engineering. The greatest tool in deciding to come to Leeds was the academics, the career prospects and of course the city. Apart from being a Russell group University, the modules offered for my course were, and are still, very interesting and varied across different aspect of petroleum engineering. I enjoyed the fact that I will be able to benefit from two parent schools (School of Chemical and Process Engineering and School of Earth and Environment) so I get to learn a lot of different aspects of the subject and never get bored!

The best thing about my course has to be the projects we undertake, where we deal with real-life oil and gas exploration projects with real oilfields! Some of the analysis we did for these projects were being done by practising petroleum engineers working in those fields. The lecturers are all very knowledgeable with a significant amount of field experience as petroleum engineers and are keen to share their knowledge and expertise with students, so you really get to learn from the best people and professionals in this field. I have also had opportunities of industrial placements with Shell Nigeria Limited for 3 months in 2014 and Total E&P, Netherlands for a year in 2015-2016.

Although there are a lot of facilities in the University to make life easier, my favourite remains the 24 hour clusters and libraries at selected periods. It just makes studying easy knowing you have access all day every day to great facilities. I have been at the University of Leeds for 4 years now and nothing beats my work in the Leeds University Union.  Our Student Union is one of the best in the country. It has an array of shops and bars and is like a mini shopping mall! It also has a range of services such as Unipol, which helps you find houses to live in and Joblink, a student employment service. There are over 250 clubs and societies in the Union for students’ social engagement, so there is always something for everyone. I am an active member of the Nigerian student society and used to be part of the street dance group and 2 time executive member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The Give it A Go sessions organised has helped me push my limits as I try new things and go on adventures while making friends.  I strongly encourage everyone to join a society as it is a great way to make new friends, develop skills and discover new things.

Leeds is a student-friendly city. It is busy enough that there is always something for you to do, but also calm enough to fell different from the hustle and bustle you get in other big cities like London or Manchester. Don’t be deceived! Everything is close together so you can get around easily on foot. A lot of the shops and restaurants have great student deals too, something I religiously take advantage of.

I lived in the university accommodation in my first and second year, in a very convenient location. It was worth it! It was only a 1-minute walk to campus and a 10-minute walk to the city centre! You will find out that there are always 24-hour shops and mini-supermarkets around most of the university accommodations with 24h security. Currently I live in the heart of the city which is just a 10 minute walk from University and I love it because I walk to the University and it can pass for my gym session for the day… just kidding! I just felt it would be interesting to live on campus and off campus throughout my student experience.