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Stefanie (Hee Su) Lee

Country: South Korea
Studying: BA in Art and Design

Stefanie (Hee Su) Lee


I am Stefanie and I am currently doing my Bachelors degree in Art and Design. Before I came to England to study, I studied Visual Communication Design for a year in Korea. While I was travelling in Europe during my first vacation, I decided that I wanted to study design in Europe as I was impressed by the fantastic environment and atmosphere to study art and design with a lot of world-famous museums. When I was looking for universities which are well known for design school, I found that Leeds University is always ranked on the Top10 design school in England. Then people around me who studied art in Europe said that Leeds University has nice reputation for its beautiful campus and education, also it is in the Russell Group. So I chose International Foundation Year in Design first to learn the new education style and the language so that I could get used to it before my degree.

The most valuable experience is that I was one of committee members in the Guide Dogs society where I got a sight guided certificate and did other various activities. Leeds University has a lot of societies and programmes for students to meet new people from different backgrounds and to learn about new cultures. I’m planning to go to summer school to learn Mandarin this year.

In my course, I can use any facilities in our school which is the best thing for art students. Also, I can discuss with tutors or experts to get advice and help whenever I require it. Moreover, I have my own space to work in studio so that I can communicate with classmates and get inspiration. The ‘Open studio exhibition’ at the end of term which is the exhibition where I can show my work, is the most interesting and rewarding activity.

If I have spare time, I visit other cities to travel or to visit art galleries. As Leeds is located in the centre of England, it is easy to travel to different cities by train.

Leeds is the city for university students, so it is very safe compared to some other bigger cities.  I can say that Leeds is a compact city, because it’s smaller than metropolis but it has everything. My favourite place is a nice British pub, because it is nice place to talk with friends after school and relieve our stress. They sometimes also organise event for international students. 

I’m staying at university accommodation which is catered one in the heart of campus. So, it is near to the gym, union, and most of lecture buildings. Everyone admits that this is the best accommodation in the campus with nice facilities, especially we have washing machine and dryer in each kitchen. And our extensive common room is nice place to have a rest with friends.