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Wilma (Yingqi) Wu

Country: China
Studying: MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment

Wilma (Yingqi) Wu


My name is Wilma. After spending 2 years studying at Wuhan University (China), I joined the University of Leeds as a direct entry student studying BSc International Business. I graduated in 2014, and I am now doing my masters in MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment.

When I was deciding which university to attend in the UK, one of my family friends recommended the University of Leeds. She suggested that Leeds University is famous for its high quality of teaching and the city of Leeds is a nice place to live. I did some research and found out that Leeds University has the highest ranking and great reputation for the course I wanted to do. Since then, I have lived here for over 4 years and gained my first degree, my first job, and now my Master’s degree from the University of Leeds. The whole journey has been such a great learning experience and I’ve enjoy every single moment at the University of Leeds - maybe that’s why I am still in Leeds.

My favourite part about the University is that different cultures are really integrated, which certainly opens my mind. I am also impressed by how much the University is dedicated to empower our students to express themselves, and to make a positive impact in the world.

The best part about studying in Leeds is about improving my employability. I started to consider my future career, and learnt about job application processes. Many of my classmates took industrial placements after the second year, and came back to their final year with a graduate job offer. After graduation, I was offered a full time graduate internship by the Leeds University Business School as a Student Education Projects Assistant. This experience brought me a new perspective to see the bigger picture, and enabled me to better understand the university.

Other than study, I have the opportunity to be fully engaged with many societies and activities around the university, which brought me many good friends and a lot of laughter. I am now a student trustee of the Leeds University Union as well as the event coordinator for the Consulting Society. In my spare time, I like to go out for a walks: Yorkshire is great for walking. My course is organising a Yorkshire 3 peak challenge next month to raise funds for a charity in South Africa. I am big fan of The Great British Bake Off as well.

What I really like about the Leeds city is its culture. There are always a lot of events going on: the Light Night, the International Film Festival, and many concerts and shows. There are also many beautiful places to visit around Leeds: feeding the swans in Roundhay Park, having a picnic in Temple Newsam, or enjoying the view from the Chevin… There are so many things to do, especially during the summer.

When I first came to Leeds I lived in one of the smaller residences on Clarendon Road, I then moved to Central Village. I quite like the facts that these two accommodations are so close to the campus and include the membership to the Gym. I am now still living in the same area but a private shared flat with 2 of my friends.