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Yeh Jin Tham

Country: Malaysia
Studying: MEng Petroleum Engineering

Yeh Jin Tham

Hi there,

I am Jin and I am currently in my third year studying Petroleum Engineering.  I have always wanted to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry and Leeds University is one of the few universities in UK that offer a Petroleum Engineering degree. This course is taught under the School of Chemical and Process Engineering which was in the list of “Top 100 universities for engineering and technology” by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2017.

My favourite thing I like about the University of Leeds is that it really puts a lot of effort into integrating international students into the campus community. It can be seen on from many aspects for example various ambassadors programs and social events like Global café and International Students Club. I would recommend students to get involved in these programs and events as they are good ways to enrich your University life and to meet friends from around the world. There are also lots of societies, volunteering programs and events going on all year round, even on the holiday, you will not feel bored staying in Leeds during Christmas.

Most of the degrees here are given the options of having a study abroad year or a placement year. It is really good for students to have the opportunities to extent their degrees for industrial experience or overseas study experience. If one extra year are too long for you, Leeds University also offers summer internships and summer study abroad opportunities which only last for 2 to 3 months.

In my spare time I often play badminton and workout at the Edge. The University of Leeds has one of the best sports complex in UK which is equipped with gym, swimming pool and sports halls with all kind of sports for students to get involved.

The best thing about Leeds is that it is a medium sized city which is packed with everything a student would need. The city centre is just 10 minutes away from campus which is very convenient for students living near campus.

I am currently living in one of the larger university halls of residences accommodating more than 700 students. One of the best things about living in University accommodation is that all utility bills and internet are included, plus a free Edge sports membership. In addition, Leeds University accommodation offers top notch security service, students do not have to worry about any safety issues. Basically, we are given all kinds of accommodation to choose from that you can always find an accommodation that best suits your preferences.